DMD Kamp - Tara Rafting

DMD Camp – Tara Rafting


Camp + Rafting

DMD Camp is located 4km downstream from the place of the origin of picturesque river Drina, in a beautiful valley, 20km from Foča in Republika Srpska. The camp is equipped with wooden chalets for a cosy lodging, and for those who like things a bit different, there is an option for sleeping in tents.

Camp has absolutely everything you need: a kitchen (without a stove, ofcourse!), where only traditional meals are prepared. All meals are cooked with love for our loyal guest and for all others that visit the Camp for the first time. On our traditional menu, you can find meat, potatoes, beans cooked in a boiler, lamb on the spit, freshly grilled trout (if you are not in the mood for the red meat) and ofcourse, a stew!

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