Wild Nature

River Tara is born by a joint effort of rivers Opasnica i Veruša in the foothill of Komovi Mountain. Her stream is as long as 144km: 104km flows in Montenegro and 40km in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At Šćepan polje, Tara joins Piva and gives birth to Drina.
You have certainly heard that Tara goes by the name “Tear of Europe” due to its purity. You can drink water from its stream anywhere you catch it, in every part of its flow. Other important characteristic of Tara is that this river’s canyon is 1300m deep, which makes it the greatest canyon in Europe and the second in the world, right after river Colorado in America. Since 1977, Tara canyon is under the protection of UNESCO, and it is in the category of 25 the most important world natural heritages.

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