1.) Exercise

Exercise is generally something most people don’t get enough of, and what better way to exercise than by having fun doing it. When whitewater rafting, there are certainly moments when you are paddling hard to ensure your raft takes the right path down a section of river, or when you need to avoid some obstacle. Not to mention the entire time you are in the raft you are continually keeping yourself balanced and centered. These are a few of the reasons why at the end of a long day rafting, you are generally physically spent.

2.) The Outdoors

Along with exercise, getting outside is something most people aren’t able to do often enough. But for the most part, is thoroughly enjoyed by all. The spray and mist of the river water cooling you down as you sit under a shining sun, the feeling of a breeze licking your skin, drying you off. The smell of the wild teasing your nostrils… all of this is what makes the outdoors literally set a persons soul at ease. There are very few things that can compare to it.

3.) Adrenaline

Come to think of it, this entire list is made up of things most people don’t get enough of. Adrenaline pumping action certainly not being excluded. The thrill of crashing through waves, being bucked in the air, and going toe to toe against the elements causes your adrenaline to flow and for you to truly feel alive. As we know, motion is life itself, while stagnation is death. So keep moving!

4.) Time With Loved Ones

It’s hard enough in our day and age to find quality time to spend with loved ones… but that’s not really an issue when you’re all packed onto a raft hucking rubber. These moments are also ones not easily forgotten, and nor should they be. You’ll remember these trips, and others like it, for the remainder of your life.

5.) Unique Experience

There is much in this life to experience, and there is much in this life you should experience. You only live once and you have to make the most of that limited time. If whitewater rafting was not worth the time spent doing it, you would not have as large of a following as you do for the sport. It’s thrilling, enjoyable, memorable, and entirely worth every second spent doing it.

6.) Wildlife

The number and variety of wildlife that can be viewed while sitting on a raft in the river would take anyone by surprise that has never experienced it. If you can imagine, the birds soaring over head, the marmots scurrying around on the banks and shore, the chipmunks monkeying around in the trees, and every other form of life found in the water can all be viewed while sitting on a rubber raft floating down the river.

7.) Vegetation

For those of you with a love for plants, there are fewer better areas to view the vegetation of a region than by the banks of a river. As you can expect, any plant would love to find some prime real estate river side. As such, you can always view a wide diversity of plant life while cruising down a river. This is of course, in between the moments of excitement and pure wonderment over the beauty of the landscape.

8.) Sexy Guides

There are always additional benefits to doing anything enjoyable,and for those taking guided rafting tours, the guides themselves are sometimes it. The men and women that have the intimate knowledge of the surrounding area and the physique of the gods themselves from endlessly and tirelessly rowing many times make these trips better. It may be a silly thing to say, and even sillier to hear. But when it comes down to it, it’s true. And more times than not, you will have heard a friend go off about how “cute” or “hot” or “stunning” their rafting guide was. This is most certainly an additional benefit.

9.) Learning Facts

Many people, rather than having a love for beautiful people, or animals, or plants, or scenes, have a love for knowledge. And when it comes to knowing their surroundings, and all that it encompasses, rafting guides are often experts. They know local legends and tales, they know the behavior of the animals, they know almost everything that is to be known of the area in which they guide. This makes it especially easy to learn a lot about certain areas that you would otherwise never think of considering.

10.) Enjoyment

Beyond all these other factors, whitewater rafting is simply enjoyable, in every sense of that word. Rarely will a moment pass where you are not enjoying yourself, which is the reason many people take yearly rafting trips. It fulfills so many desires and experiences we wish to have that there is no reason not to. If you are looking for a way to enjoy yourself, thoroughly, please, for your own sake, plan a trip and hit the river. It is certainly something you will not soon forget.

If after reading through this you finally realize that yes, you would indeed love to go enjoy a rafting trip, and Whitewater Rafting Camp DMD would scratch that itch, give us a call or drop us an email. We love rafting, and enjoy sharing that passion with anyone who cares to join!

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