Necessarily instruction for our guests - Rafting kamp DMD
WHAT SHOULD I TAKE WITH ME ON A TRIP? Be sure to bring with you:
  • A passport or identity card
  • The green card for a vehicle, if you are arriving by car
  • Warmer clothes for the evening
  • Swimsuit, sunscreen and accessories for personal hygiene.
  • Upon arrival at the camp, you should first contact the host of the camp.
  • The person responsible for your accommodation will refer you to a place where you can park your car if you came with it.
  • You need to submit your identity card (passport) or identity cards of all those who are going on rafting with you, and fill out a basic form.
  • After that you will be placed in your bungalow.

WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE OF RAFTING? The first thing you're doing before departure is borrowing equipment: The skippers will divide equipment, depending on the size that fits you. Equipment you dress in the camp.

Thereafter passengers will board our vehicles for transport to the starting point of rafting - Brstanovica. A list of passengers who are in it will be highlighted on each vehicle. Organizers will promptly inform you where to find the list. Please keep in mind that the list does not mean that these people will be in the same boat, this it is only a formal list for crossing the border with Montenegro. You choose with whom you will go on a boat. If you were in a group of less than 8-10 people, you will be connected with other participants of rafting to fill a boat. Your personal documents remain with the driver, who will give them to the Border Service.. Please be with your best manners at the Border Crossing and do not leave your car, otherwise, you can make a problem to yourself, your driver, passengers, as well as to the entire column of which your vehicle is a part of. Alcohol consumption is not recommended.

Before you start the rafting, your skipper will do a safety briefing (short course with the basic guidelines of behavior in a boat, rowing techniques, and all those things that will be useful as you descend down the river. Be sure to listen to the instructions skipper, not to do anything on your own and at your own discretion, because he is the one who is responsible for your safety. Alcohol consumption is not recommended. At the end of the rafting tours, boats arrive to camp. The equipment you have borrowed you return to the man in charge of the equipment or the skipper who brought you there.

IS IT PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY FOR RAFTING? Previous experience is not necessary.

We ask guests to guard the rented accommodation and treat considerately the nature, equipment and inventory Camp. All remarks, suggestions and compliments, you can announce to your host or the owner of the camp.

We wish you a pleasant stay!  Your Hosts